Thursday, May 22, 2008

deeply sorry. but im BACK!

hello my peoples.
i am sorry i did not update my blog when i was in Vietnam.
i had lots of internet complications where i couldnt access the menu to add new posts.
how do i sum up 18 days of non-stop traveling:
*hiking in sapa valley is strenuous (i nearly died like 17 times) but glad i did it.
*night trains are too hilarious. (you ever seen a rat hammock on a train?? lol)
*thank god for having 3 cool friends for constantly making me laugh and keeping me sane on the trip! (Karen, Kait & Court)
*a Black Canadian tourist in Vietnam was a shock to the Vietnamese tribes people. I was glad to be their first!
*one night in Pilgrimage Village hotel is not enough! Love it!
*still am not a fan of airplane food
*traffic in Saigon is a killer. literally. lol
*pineapple cooked in rum is to DIE FOR!!
*"You buy from ME!?" is the best selling technique ever.

Stay tuned for more pics from my trip.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

china. i am in it and patiently waiting.

damn what a flight.
6 hours from toronto to anchorage.
10 hours form anchorage to hongkong.
and now im waiting for 1 more hour on another plane to hanoi.
im beat.
approx. 1.5 hours of my last flight was constant BAD turbulance.
i felt my tummy cry out for help over and over.

this flight felt much longer than when i went to Australia.
maybe it was the crying baby that made it feel that way.
or the girl sitting next to me who was on her way to Australia to work on a cruise.
i wish i was in Australia.
i liked Australia.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

my buddy's blog.

check out one of the coolest people in world's blog:
her name is Courteny and she is coming to Vietnam with moi.
she doesnt want me to embarass her on my blog.
you know i wouldn't do that.

no, not at all....
its just not right to do to someone.

it beats turkey!

ummm... i felt i should share a bit of my research on vietnamese cuisine with you:
eat up!

Friday, May 2, 2008

vietnam, here i come. panic ensues.

tomorrow i am off to vietnam for 18 days.
scary isn't it?
are they ready for us.
i reallllllllllllllly dont think so.
my main worry right now, is filling up my carry-on with as much fashion mags as
possible without going over the 15lb limit.
very important.

i will try to post photos as my trip goes on.
stay tuned, my people!